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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Today we went out for some retail therapy and I got myself a new toy in the shape of a breadmaker. I've recently been told I need to avoid Gluten. Very hard when you love bread and all things made using flour. I am getting there but find I can't give up bread. My new breadmaker is brilliant because it has a gluten-free programme, so I can make my own gluten-free bread - yipppeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Really busy day today - did some hand washing first thing, then I've been helping Paul hang wallpaper on our stairs and did 35 mins keep fit on my Wii Fit. This afternoon I've got to try and do some movie editing from our Turkey holiday. I thought I'd lett you see our two adoreable girls - Honey (ginger) and Pickles (Torty).

Friday, 21 May 2010

These are some other shots I took today, aren't they lovely - one of my favourite subjects to photograph.

Had a really good day today. This morning I went out and put some of our Kleeneze catalogues out to our customers to help Paul, and for the first time I took my camera with me. I love taking pictures of flowers and I've included the best of the bunch (excuse the pun) for you to see. Isn't nature a wonderful thing. I love this time of year - I always think of it that the world is waking up again after the winter and it is so incredibly colourful. I'll catch up with you all again real soon.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Just got back from a brilliant evening out with Paul. Been to our local theatre to see "An evening with Tommy Cooper" It was really funny, and it was a real treat for us to have a night out together - quite rare these days. Very enjoyable couple of hours.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Hi again, this week has been quite constructive as far as doing essential jobs. We've found 12 new customers in what was a poor area for our kleeneze business, I've been doing a lot of sorting out so I can do my car-boot's and craft sales etc., and tomorrow I am seeing some friends who have blogs and they will be able to help me with the layout of mine, so it won't be quite so messy and disjointed (I hope). Watch this space - it can only get better haha!!!!!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hi, just thought I'd post pictures of the things I made on Saturday. Had a fun time today at bead group where I finished yet another necklace. I'm making a set for my friend to give as a present. Made necklace today, just got to do bracelet and earrings to match. Hope to do them this week.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

This is the scrapbook page I created yesterday. It is for an album all about my life so far. This page is growing up from a few months old to 4 years old. I'm really pleased with the page.
Hello again, here are the photo's of what I made yesterday at the crop. The scrapbook page is for an album I am doing about my life, this page is of me growing up from a few months old up to 4 years old. The jewellery was very quick and easy, made with glass pendants and 3 on leather thongs and one on silver plated chain.

Welcome to my new blog

Hi, this is my first attempt at a blog. I've looked at several and some of my friends have them so I decided to create my own. This photo of me was taken in Florida in January by Paul, I'm with my favourite bear, which is why I've got a silly grin on my face, haha!
Yesterday I went to one of the many craft groups I belong to and made 4 necklaces, and did a scrapbook page, I will take some photo's of them tomorrow and post them, so watch this space. Today we've had a home day - Paul has been doing some decorating and I've been doing some work on the computer ready for W.I. tomorrow morning. I am President of my WI, as well as being the youngest member.