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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Good News

Hi everyone,

I can't believe where the last couple of months have gone since I was here last. We've had some lovely weather, but looks like the rain is now making up for the lack of it up to now.

In May we went to Cyprus for 7 days, courtesey of our Kleeneze business. Every year they hold prize draws for the distributors, and this year we won 7 days in Cyprus. It was a brilliant holiday and we really enjoyed it. We'd like to go back if we can in the future. We had a fabulous apartment, hired a car for 6 days and travelled all over southern part of the island. Brilliant!

We lost the house we fell in love with as we couldn't find a buyer in time, but since then we have found an even better one, and we've sold our house. There is no chain on either the buyers side or for the people we are buying from so we could be moving soon. The girl buying our house is hoping to complete in July, and we are very nearly there. It's really hard work, but soooo exciting.

There has been a complete turn-around with Paul and transplant too. We had a meeting with a doctor from the Addenbrooks transplant team towards the end of May. When we got there the waiting room was quite full, and all the people were waiting for there dialysis. They were chatting amongst themselves and we saying how unwell they felt between treatments. After the doctor examined Paul, he said he didn't think he would need to have his left kidney removed to make room for the transplant, which is a huge relief. While we were in with him, I asked him if I were to be tested etc. and I could donate, what would be involved for me. He told me all about the tests, the op and the recovery. It isn't as bad as we'd both thought, and we had a long talk about the different options. Paul confessed he really didn't fancy going through dialysis or CAPD and he kept thinking about his poor Dad and how much he suffered when he was on both options. In the end Paul agreed to let me go ahead and be tested. We have had the first test done now, it was blood cross-matching where they put some of my blood with Pauls to see if there is any reaction. We've probably got to wait about 8 weeks for the results, then they will carry out further tests on me. I know I said I was relieved that I didn't have to go through it now in my last post, but I've been feeling really helpless knowing that Paul was going to become so ill, and I really didn't want him to suffer, so I'm glad it is all going ahead now. I just hope that I am a good match and we can go ahead with the transplant.

In a couple of weeks we are off to Cornwall for a weeks holiday. We are really looking forward to having a break (Paul called it the calm before the storm) because we'll probably be moving soon after we come back, so it will be a very hectic month.

I will pop back to give you all an update on the progress of the move etc. some time after our holiday in July.


Sheila xx