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Saturday, 20 August 2011

We're on the Move

Hi everyone,

Well, things have been really happening since I was here in June. Our house sale has finally gone through and the contracts were signed yesterday (19th August). It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride with hold up, and delay all through. I was thinking it would never happen, but now it is, and I am soooo looking forward to next week when we actually move into our new home.

We went to hospital on the 2nd August for Paul's appointment and his kidney function has dropped to just 15% now. They also had the results of our blood cross-match. He said it was ok and he would let the transplant team know and they would start getting other tests done on me. I then had a call from the transplant co-ordinator to make appointment for me to see her - which was last week. That was to talk about what lies ahead for us, and what tests I need to have and all the risks of surgery for both of us. She also took my weight, height, blood pressure and water test, all of which are fine. I've now got an appointment to see my own Kidney doctor who will examine me and go through my families medical history. The other tests will be done in due course but could take up to 6 months to complete. We will also have to have some counselling both together and seperately.

We had a lovely week in Cornwall at the beginning of July. We were there for my Birthday, and we went to the Eden Project, which I really enjoyed. In the evening we went to the restaurant where we were staying and because Paul booked a table for us and told them it was a special occasion, the table was decorated with balloons and happy birthday confetti, which was a lovely touch. They had entertainment most nights, and the singers on my birthday asked why we had balloons on the table & we told them why. He then made everybody (including bar staff) sing Happy Birthday to me.

Honey & Pickles don't seem very settled lately because we are packing everything and they don't like us changing their world. Hope they settle ok when we've moved. There are a couple of other cats in the close we are moving to, so I hope there won't be too many cat fights. We've got to keep them in for a few days when we move and then hope for the best.

When we first move, we will be without phone or internet for about 8-10 days, which is a bit of a nuisance, but never mind. Just one of those things. Luckily we've got our mobiles lol.

Anyway, thats all the new for the time being, so be good and take care,


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Good News

Hi everyone,

I can't believe where the last couple of months have gone since I was here last. We've had some lovely weather, but looks like the rain is now making up for the lack of it up to now.

In May we went to Cyprus for 7 days, courtesey of our Kleeneze business. Every year they hold prize draws for the distributors, and this year we won 7 days in Cyprus. It was a brilliant holiday and we really enjoyed it. We'd like to go back if we can in the future. We had a fabulous apartment, hired a car for 6 days and travelled all over southern part of the island. Brilliant!

We lost the house we fell in love with as we couldn't find a buyer in time, but since then we have found an even better one, and we've sold our house. There is no chain on either the buyers side or for the people we are buying from so we could be moving soon. The girl buying our house is hoping to complete in July, and we are very nearly there. It's really hard work, but soooo exciting.

There has been a complete turn-around with Paul and transplant too. We had a meeting with a doctor from the Addenbrooks transplant team towards the end of May. When we got there the waiting room was quite full, and all the people were waiting for there dialysis. They were chatting amongst themselves and we saying how unwell they felt between treatments. After the doctor examined Paul, he said he didn't think he would need to have his left kidney removed to make room for the transplant, which is a huge relief. While we were in with him, I asked him if I were to be tested etc. and I could donate, what would be involved for me. He told me all about the tests, the op and the recovery. It isn't as bad as we'd both thought, and we had a long talk about the different options. Paul confessed he really didn't fancy going through dialysis or CAPD and he kept thinking about his poor Dad and how much he suffered when he was on both options. In the end Paul agreed to let me go ahead and be tested. We have had the first test done now, it was blood cross-matching where they put some of my blood with Pauls to see if there is any reaction. We've probably got to wait about 8 weeks for the results, then they will carry out further tests on me. I know I said I was relieved that I didn't have to go through it now in my last post, but I've been feeling really helpless knowing that Paul was going to become so ill, and I really didn't want him to suffer, so I'm glad it is all going ahead now. I just hope that I am a good match and we can go ahead with the transplant.

In a couple of weeks we are off to Cornwall for a weeks holiday. We are really looking forward to having a break (Paul called it the calm before the storm) because we'll probably be moving soon after we come back, so it will be a very hectic month.

I will pop back to give you all an update on the progress of the move etc. some time after our holiday in July.


Sheila xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spring Is Sprung

Hi everyone, Happy Spring. Hope you all had a good Easter, we did. On Sunday we went and found some Bluebells to photograph, (see pic)!

Since I was here last, a lot has been happening, we have put our house on the market, and found our dream home so please keep your fingers crossed that we can sell this and buy the ideal home for us. Half of our possessions have ended up being put into storage in a garage we have rented until such time as we move LOL. The only trouble is that now I can't find anything ha ha!!!

We've been really lucky with some beautiful weather lately, so I hope we have a good summer.

We went to Hospital for Pauls regular check up on the 5th April, and were told that his condition has deteriorated since December, and he now only has 16% kidney function. He has told me that he definitely doesn't want me to donate one of my kidneys to him and he would rather me be fit and well to carry on with our work and be his carer, so he will now be put on the transplant list, and go onto CAPD as and when needed. I have mixed feelings really, I wanted to prevent him having to suffer, but I also feel relieved not to have to go through a major operation in the near future. I have, however promised that if he becomes unwell, I will step in to donate if I'm a suitable match. We shall wait and see! We had to go to the hospital today (26/4/11) to see the chief staff nurse of the Renal Unit at the N&N to discuss treatment etc. and we asked him lots of questions. We've now got to ring the Transplant Co-ordinator and ask to have a meeting with the transplant team from Addenbrooks to see what happens next in case Paul needs to have a kidney removed.

I've been losing weight (intentionally) but the last 2 months I've been quite down and blown it all. To cap it all Paul bought me 3 easter eggs - and I've been eating chocolate like never before. I think I'll be sick of the stuff by the time they've all gone. Once that has happened, I'm getting back to losing the last few lbs to get to my target weight.

Well, that's about all the news I have this time around, and I will be back with more news in a few weeks.

Bye for now, Sheila

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sorry I've been away soooo Long

Hi to all my friends who follow this blog. I really owe you an apology for having been absent for such a long time. We went to Lancaster for the second time in September, after which we were inundated with work. From Sept. - Christmas is our busiest time and we were extremely busy. Paul wasn't very well on and off for a couple of months during this time and he was unable to work on his own, so I took on a lot of the legwork to give him some much needed rest. We were quite worried about him, so moved his January hospital check up forward to December, which we were told to do if he wasn't well. He had his usual blood test beforehand and when we went to see consultant, he said Pauls condition has remained stable since september, so he has no need for concern and could remain stable for some time. We asked him why Paul had been feeling so bad but they couldn't say why, only suggesting we buy a blood pressure monitor and when he has a bad day to take his BP and keep a record of it for his next appointment. We've got one now, but he has been fine. I'm still helping him a lot so I think he is not getting so tired, and has been ok.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, as we did - it all seems such a long time ago now, and it takes months of preparation, just for two days, LOL! Happy New Year to each and every person who reads this xx

Well, since Christmas I have done a lot of soul searching, and decided that 2011 is going to by MY YEAR! What does that mean? Let me tell you:---

I have been losing weight steadily thanks to the help and support of Tesco e-diets. When I joined in June I was 10 stone, and when you're only 5ft tall, that is not pretty!! I now weigh 9stone 1 lb. I have a goal weight of 8st 10lbs, so that just leaves 5lbs to go!

I am going to get the house de-cluttered, once and for all. I started about 10 days ago, thanks to a brilliant US website and it is already looking a bit better. It is a long term job, as the website makes you do it very gradually, but that suits me just fine, I know I'm doing it, which is a big thing for me.

I'm going to get myself fit as well as lose all this excess weight.

I'm going to do my utmost not to keep getting stressed out about Paul's health, as that only makes me feel unwell, which is no good to Paul, so we are going to face the challenges it throws at us WHEN it happens and not a day before. We are going to enjoy ourselves every day in the meantime!!!

We've booked a holiday for the summer in Blighty. We are off to Cornwall for a week and will be there for my Birthday. Really looking forward to that, we went there years ago and I've always wanted to go back, so this is the year we do it. Just hope the weather will be ok.

Last week we had an email from Kleeneze to say Congratulations - before I realised it was from them, I thought oh no - more junk mail. Anyway - the upshot is that we are one of only 5 distributorships to have won a 7 day holiday, with hire car, to Cyprus. It says in the email that somebody will be in touch soon with more details - we are sooooo excited!! I'll let you know more when we hear from them.

That's really all the news I have a the moment, but I PROMISE, I will post more news very soon! I've decided to come back once a month, regularly to update this blog!!!

Bye for now,

Sheila x