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Saturday, 20 August 2011

We're on the Move

Hi everyone,

Well, things have been really happening since I was here in June. Our house sale has finally gone through and the contracts were signed yesterday (19th August). It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride with hold up, and delay all through. I was thinking it would never happen, but now it is, and I am soooo looking forward to next week when we actually move into our new home.

We went to hospital on the 2nd August for Paul's appointment and his kidney function has dropped to just 15% now. They also had the results of our blood cross-match. He said it was ok and he would let the transplant team know and they would start getting other tests done on me. I then had a call from the transplant co-ordinator to make appointment for me to see her - which was last week. That was to talk about what lies ahead for us, and what tests I need to have and all the risks of surgery for both of us. She also took my weight, height, blood pressure and water test, all of which are fine. I've now got an appointment to see my own Kidney doctor who will examine me and go through my families medical history. The other tests will be done in due course but could take up to 6 months to complete. We will also have to have some counselling both together and seperately.

We had a lovely week in Cornwall at the beginning of July. We were there for my Birthday, and we went to the Eden Project, which I really enjoyed. In the evening we went to the restaurant where we were staying and because Paul booked a table for us and told them it was a special occasion, the table was decorated with balloons and happy birthday confetti, which was a lovely touch. They had entertainment most nights, and the singers on my birthday asked why we had balloons on the table & we told them why. He then made everybody (including bar staff) sing Happy Birthday to me.

Honey & Pickles don't seem very settled lately because we are packing everything and they don't like us changing their world. Hope they settle ok when we've moved. There are a couple of other cats in the close we are moving to, so I hope there won't be too many cat fights. We've got to keep them in for a few days when we move and then hope for the best.

When we first move, we will be without phone or internet for about 8-10 days, which is a bit of a nuisance, but never mind. Just one of those things. Luckily we've got our mobiles lol.

Anyway, thats all the new for the time being, so be good and take care,


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